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Healthy Future Pediatrics is the first in the community to offer CHADIS (Child Health and Development Interactive System), a screening tool scientifically proven to be among the best available. CHADIS improves the diagnosis and management of health, emotional and behavioral issues. CHADIS provides a convenient, powerful online tool for completing high-quality screening questionnaires, helping us to better address parents' concerns about their child's development.

Studies have shown screening is important. Developmental problems such as autism or learning problems can be present without outward signs to parents. Depression in a teenager can be fatal. Early diagnosis can shorten the time to recovery and improve the ultimate outcome.

CHADIS offers:

  • Less worry for parents afraid that there may be something missed.
  • Better outcomes when problems are found at early stages.
  • An improved working relationship that allows us to better help our patient families.
  • Convenience of an online interface that allows the screening to be done completely and accurately at a time that works for you.

While American Academy of Pediatrics and other child health agencies recommend screening, the time constraints on most office visits make it difficult. The routine screening method consisting of a few questions during the visit, is not nearly as effective. CHADIS offers exceptional screening tools that are easy and convenient.

With CHADIS parents are able to carefully consider their responses at a time that works for them. Teenagers are more complete and honest with electronic responses than with direct questions at the time of a visit. By improving communication the provider can be more helpful by providing information specific to the concerns rather than throwing a book at it and hoping for the best.