What Our Patients Say

Posted by: Jessica Caslin, 10/20/2011
Dr. Lindgren and staff his staff are wonderful. My daughter is 2 months old and Dr. Lindgren has walked me through every step of her new life and given me an idea of what to expect in the future. His staff is kind and courteous and the office runs on time, every time. The nurse practitioners have specialized in pediatrics and have given me great advice every time I call. I never feel awkward for calling and asking silly questions and they take plenty of time in the room at each visit to answer my list of questions. The medical assistants are well trained and do a great job at giving the boosters quickly. I highly recommend his office to all of my friends and anyone looking for a great doctor.


Posted by: Stephen Russell, 06/07/2009
Dr. Lindgren was thorough, helpful, and kind, and also good with our little boy.


Posted by: char0, 10/26/2008
Dr Lindgren and staff are just wonderful.


Posted by: alexandrank, 10/20/2008
My family is more than happy with the care that Dr. Lindgren and the Healthy Future Pediatrics has been providing. The atmosphere at the office completely changes your idea of "going to the doctor's" experience. I have to say that the extended hours during the week and on Saturdays have made our busy lives so much easier, in terms of unplanned visits. Thank you Dr. Lindgren!


Posted by: kreid, 10/20/2008
Dr. Lindgren and the staff of Healthy Future Pediatrics are wonderful. My husband and I appreciate the time Dr. Lindgren takes with our children (and us). He is always very thorough, positive, and honest. He listens, and responds to our questions and concerns, and explains things clearly. We always have a positive experience at his office.


Posted by: brandybarbie, 1 hour ago
i am so excited to be a part of Dr. Lindgrens nomination! as a first time parent he has really put my fears to rest and i know my infant is in the best care with him. All the staff is amazing as well and they have the best, most convenient hours around. Thanks Dr. Lindgren for going above and beyond we just love you!


Posted by: gobermp, Yesterday
Dr. Lindgren has been our families pediatrician for 14 years. He is outstanding in both knowledge and bedside manners. I own a child care facility for special needs children and ALWAYS recommend parents to Dr.Lindgren. Often, I speak about the care that my own children have and parents ask me, "who is your pediatrician?". Early morning walk-in and after hour appointments are simply unheard of these days. But, not for Doctor Lindgren and his staff. They are always available whenever I have needed him. When you phone his office an actual PERSON answers the phone, not a recording telling you to press this option or that. I just can't say enough about how wonderful Dr. Lindgren and his staff are. My daughter and I were saddened when she turned 18 and had to go out into the real world of doctors where it seems like you are just a patient number. Thank you Dr. Lindgren, we love you bunches!


Posted by: augustpearl, Yesterday
There is really no way to explain just how much Dr. Lindgren means to this family. I first found him thumbing through the phone book, made a meet and greet appointment and my daughter just adored him. Never has he talked down to me, my concerns are always valid and he has always made the time for me and my girls even calling on a weekend morning to check up on them when they are sick. When my oldest daughter had an unfortunate accident while I was pregnant with her sister he made the time to drive up north to say good-bye to my daughter before she passed away. And continued to look in after me during my pregnancy allowing me to call with any questions or concerns. He's been supportive of any health decisions I've made for my girls and very informative to help me reach these decisions. My daughters are at great ease with Dr. Lindgren so much so that they get excited to see him and his staff too. Everyone in the office is just wonderful and they have all taken the time to talk, enjoy, and establish a relationship with me and my girls. I can only hope that when my daughter is grown and has children of her own that they will be in the hands of a doctor as great as Dr. Lindgren.


Posted by: lorg, 10/13/2008


Posted by: davidgeroux, 10/13/2008
Dr. Lindgren is by far the best Pediatrician we have had. He is not only knowledgeable and skilled, but warm and willing to take the time to understand your concerns. I would recommend him to anyone that has a new born or child.


Posted by: westonm123, 10/13/2008
Dr Lindgren is an amazing Pediatrician and one I highly recommend. His office is accommodating to the working parents, having early morning walk-in hours during the week and open Saturday mornings as well. He always seems to be ahead of the game, and believes in prevention vs reaction when possible. He keeps parents informed of what's going on or coming up via periodic email newsletters - we love this! My kids absolutely adore him. When they really do not feel well they tell me they need to go see Dr Lindgren :-). Can't get much better than that! Congrats to our favorite Pediatrician!!!!


Posted by: kellyrh, 10/13/2008
Dr. Lindgren and his staff have taken extraordinary steps to make their practice the best in the area. Their topnotch, personal approach is applied to the "little" things - like who answers the phone - it is always a live person and once even Dr. Lindgren himself. They are wholistic, and prevention-focused, well-informed, family friendly, and very embracing of technology. That last aspect is great for email contact and newsletters, sending scripts immediately to the pharmacy, having medical information readily available. We're thrilled to vote for Dr. Lindgren!


Posted by: olymama, 10/12/2008
We couldn't ask for a better pediatrician. Dr. Lindgren and the staff at HFP are absolutely wonderful.


Posted by: tinalaffs, 10/12/2008
Dr. Lindgren has been my 20 yr. old daughters Pediatrician since she was 3 yrs. old---he is all three of my children's Pediatrician. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Lindgren. Dr. Lindgren is a rare type of Doctor; he genuinely cares about his patients and their families. Many times throughout the years, I have had to call after hours and Dr. Lindgren ALWAYS personally calls back immediately with advise that has not only helped my children but put me, as a parent, at ease. Thank you Dr. Lindgren---we love you


Posted by: familiafeliz, 10/12/2008
We met Dr. Lindgren when he was on call for the birth of our first child 10 year ago. He showed special interest in our baby and has been our pediatrician ever since. Our 2nd child has had a few stays at Childrens Seattle. He has always gone the extra mile in his care including seeing us after hours or on a Sunday. We always feel welcome at his office. He takes time for the parents as well as caring for the kids. Thanks Dr. Lindgren


Posted by: leftyrighty16, 10/12/2008
Dr. Lindgren rocks, he's my doctor and I love him.


Posted by: tcoumbs, 10/12/2008
Dr. Lindgren is simply the best. He's devoted, caring, and always willing to take the time. He's been our kids pediatrician for about 16 years. My oldest son just turned 18 and I hate the fact that he'll have to find a new doctor. No doctor will compare to Dr. Lindgren


Posted by: Kim71, 10/12/2008
Both my kids love Dr. Lindgren and his staff. He is a great, caring doctor and we are thankful to have him!


Posted by: Cherryl, 10/12/2008
Dr. Lindgren has been my daughter's pediatrician for 15 years. He is an excellent and caring doctor. I am so glad to have a doctor with staying power.


Posted by: khix, 10/12/2008
Dr. Carl (as my family calls him) is most dependable amongst all levels of health care. I remember my daughter having seizures at two months old and relying on his care and direction. Because of the way he continues to listen and provide the upmost fabulous health care, I continue to rely on him every time my two children come into his office more than nine years later. I support the future and direction of health care he seeks and look forward to future interactions. I would go to great lengths to keep him as our family's Pediatrician.


Posted by: jfe224, 10/12/2008
Dr. Lindgren is great! He's caring, takes the time to answer questions and he doesn't make me feel rushed through my son's appointments. His correspondance is timely when I email a question and the office hours are very flexible. He takes pictures of my son at each visit to keep his files updated and so he can put a name with a face. It allows him to remember each child that he sees and it makes the visit more personalized. He listens to my concerns and doesn't make me feel like a hysterical mother. He reassures and educates at the same time. He has good ideas for issues such as trouble with sleeping, potty training, etc. Overall, I am very happy with my choice in pediatrican, Dr. Carl Lindgren. He is deserving of this award.


Posted by: chldhigh, 10/12/2008
Dr. Lindgren and his entire staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and compassionate. I am particularly impressed with Dr. Lindgren's expertise regarding specific health concerns relating to Native Americans and appreciate his recommendations for my children.


Posted by: mkwitham, 10/12/2008
Dr. Lindgren has been our Pediatrician for over 5 years. He is an amazing man, who takes "time" with his patients and not quick to put a band-aid on a symptom. I am thankful for his technology, his communication, and most of all his patience. He is an amazing wealth of knowledge and though we have never had anything serious to worry about, I know he would be there if we did. Thank you and to many more years! The Witham family.


Posted by: steve0000, 10/12/2008
Dr. Lindgren and hfp staff are the best. They have cared for our family for over 12years. We will never switch. We have security in there health care they provide for our family. Good luck Carl! I vote 10stars!


Posted by: saj30, 10/11/2008
Thanks to Dr. Lindgren and his staff. We feel very fortunate to have such a caring and patient doctor for our little girls. Love the "real world hours" and updated technology! You're the best!


Posted by: jenfab, 10/11/2008
We appreciate Dr. Lindgren's attention to details and the effort he puts into quality care and quality communication with his patients.


Posted by: kabilderbach, 10/11/2008
Fantastic Doctor and office, I highly recommend this practice.


Posted by: Jakesmom99, 10/11/2008
Dr. Lindgren and his staff are nothing short of amazing. My son has a complex medical history -- and I trust Dr. Lindgren implicitly. He is patient and thorough; he listens and is extremely compassionate - the absolute best in his field. Our family adores everyone at Healthy Future Pediatrics!

Stephanie, Lloyd and Jake Brown

Posted by: dclo, 10/11/2008
Dr. Lindgren has cared for my children and those of many friends since birth. This man is dedicated to caring for our kids and our community. He called my good friend on Christmas Day to check up on her son who was struggling as a toddler with RSV, now that is a caring physician! Thank you!


Posted by: Tim30, 10/11/2008
Besides being a great clinician with an excellent staff, Dr. Lindgren runs his practice with the needs of today's families in mind. We found his practice when our kids were already seven and nine but I wish we had been his patients when our children were babies. A side note: We had been struggling with my son's asthma for years. This was our first year since his birth that we had no emergency rooms visit. That was due in large part to Dr. Lingren's skill.


Posted by: edwardsclan, 10/11/2008
Simply the best. We couldn't imagine parenting without him.


Posted by: felinefan123, 10/11/2008
Dr. Lindgren has been the best Dr. for my son Ryan for almost all of his life..(he is 17 years old now)....And also for our younger son Shawn who is 10 years old.

I cannot give enough "accolades " to this caring man, who truley is interested in his patients as people and goes above and beyond to help his patients , no matter how much time the appointment may take, or that "after hours" phone call..He always calls back right away!

Dr. Lindgren is so knowledgeable and always explains things in a very easy to understand way for us parents.

I wish he could be my husband's and my Doctor as well..he is so good!

Dr. Lindgren is the best Pediatrics Doctor in my opinion and many other's whom I have talked to who have had 100% positive experiences with him as well. Good Luck Dr. Lindgren...by all means you so very much deserve to win..You are a winner already to all of us! Thank-you,
Cindy Guffey and Family


Posted by: addyrandich, 10/11/2008
The Best!


Posted by: stelliebellie, 10/11/2008
Great facility, atmosphere, and people! We love his clinic!


Posted by: twilliams923, 10/11/2008
Carl Lindgren is one of the most progressive and responsive physicians I have had the pleasure to work with. Our Olympia community is lucky to have him!


Posted by: dudnbunny, 10/10/2008
Dr. Carl LIndgren has been treating my kids for many years now, and he has been the best doctor a mom could ask for! He treats the kids like people, asking them the questions and engaging them in the visit. We are grateful for Dr. Lindgren and his staff for the wonderful care we always receive!


Posted by: Kirsten4, 10/10/2008
Dr. Lindgren has pushed the edge of his profession by converting all medical records to electronic ones. This gives him and his staff the ability to quickly pull up medical histories, track growth progress and other health measurements with ease. Dr Lindgren and his staff are very supportive of the kids he treats and their parents as well.


Posted by: Fran6637, 10/10/2008
He's just great. When you call call your pediatrician from vacation in Yellowstone and get peace of mind about your child, you can't get much better than that. He offers great services from newsletters to more extensive hours to first aid classe in his office. He is a great pediatrician and a fine person.


Posted by: msmickeygirl, 10/10/2008
very personable, caring and sincere. Many times, Dr. Lindgren has made personal phone calls following up on my kids health conditions. He has been both my kids dr since birth. A wonderful person!


Posted by: karimurphy, 10/9/2008
Doctor Carl Lindgren is an amazing person. He has saved us trips to the ER numerous times! We have four children and he knows each one of them by name anywhere we go and see him. . . at the ball fields, school activities, at the grocery store. He has a great way with parents too and you never see him without his camera- taking and sharing great shots of children. We love Dr. Lindgren! The Murphy's


Posted by: mcsquared4, 10/9/2008
Dr. Lindgren and Staff are AMAZING! We have been going them for about a year now and would never go back to our other Dr. Kids love to come in and follow the flower stem to their room. AMAZING!!


Posted by: kcdfactor, 10/9/2008
We have twins, and wanted a doctor who would take the time to listen to our concerns. After interviewing several doctor offices, we felt the most comfortable with Healthy Future Pediatrics. I've been super happy with Dr Lindgren's services, as well as the rest of the folks in the office. They're a nice group of people, who are good at what they do. They're always accomodating, willing to answer questions, and provide excellent service. I would recommend Dr Lindgren to anyone looking for a great childrens doctor. Congrats on the nomination!


Posted by: brooke6, 10/9/2008
Dr Lindgren truly has a passion for medicine and caring for children, and that can be seen each and every time you take your child to see him. He goes above and beyond the call of duty for his patients and accomodates everyone as best he can. He has a strong drive to integrate technology into his practice and this greatly improves the level of care he is able to provide for the families he serves. It is the most friendly and warm office I have ever been to. Congrats on the nomination Dr L, you deserve it!!


Posted by: Loni0824, 10/9/2008
Congratulations, Dr. Lindgren! You deserve this nomination. We're proud to say you've been our son's Dr. for 16 years. Thank you for your dedication.

His office hours meet the needs of working parents. He always makes us feel as though he's caring for a family member. He greets us in the waiting area himself and he never rushes through the office visits. Several times we've been the last patient of the day and he's taken the time to sit down and share his excitement of the new office, his family adventures, and his photograghy. Best wishes to you, Dr. Lindgren!


Posted by: Panth3r, 10/9/2008
Simply the best!

Posted by: TaylorMade1, 10/8/2008
Dr. Lindgren is an excellent pediatrician who is well informed, experienced and confident. He provides quality care for his patients and families and is always willing to go above and beyond. It is obvious that Dr. Lindgren loves working with kids. Thank you for all you do.


Posted by: sarahmarie821, 10/8/2008
As a nurse at the local hospital, I asked other professionals when first looking for a pediatrician. The overwhelming answer was, "Dr.LIndgren is the best by far." As other reviewers have said, five stars is not enough for this doctor: he is compassionate, knowledgeable & works to provide quality care around the schdules of busy parents. (The rest of his staff & ARNP are also wonderful)


Posted by: olygal, 10/8/2008
5 stars is not enough for the man that saved my son's life! Infinite stars and eternal gratitude!!!!!!!


Posted by: carintalk, 10/8/2008
Dr. Lindgren is the best DR - EVER!!!! He has taken care of my 3 children for all of their lives. He has called me in the evening and even on the weekend after a particularly difficult medical dilemia. He should win this!!


Posted by: tygirl, 10/8/2008
Dr. Lindgren has shown us so much compassion. He truly works to bring us the best care possible. My daughter has struggled with asthma-like symptoms for most of her young life. Dr. Lindgren listened to us and our concerns and established a plan for managing her symptoms. She is more healthy today than ever before and that is all thanks to Dr. Lindgren. He strives to bring the best care possible to his patients. We are so glad he is our doctor and we benefit greatly from the care he provides. Thank you Dr. Lindgren for all you do!


Posted by: Zann40, 10/8/2008
After bringing my two girls to him for almost 13 years now, I can only say that Dr. Lindgren is simply THE BEST.


Posted by: katerdid, 10/8/2008
Dr. Lindgren has provided care above and beyond what has been expected for my two girls. When I've had a concern, he has been proactive in getting my daughters the care they needed. Not only that, he is a great photographer! The picture he took of my daughter when she was a day old at St. Peter's Hospital remains one of my favorite pics from her newborn stage. Dr. Lindgren provides great care and connection with his patients and their families. Way to go Dr. Lindgren!


Posted by: ijen, 10/8/2008
Both our children (twins) now 17 have been seeing Dr. Lindgren since they were babies. They were preemies born 10 weeks early. Our son, has many health issues, requires a lot of special attention. We can always call on Dr. Lindgren and his office. They know them both well and we have no problem getting a same day appointment if necessary. If we have any question or concern, we usually can get a return call from Dr. Lindgren or his nurse. He gives referral to other specialist as needed and is quick in completing my daughter’s sport clearance form. Dr. Lindgren has been like a friend of the family. It really gives us a peace of mind knowing he cares about our kids and we can talk to him


Posted by: Kim56, 10/8/2008
Dr. Lindgren and staff - We Love You! Thank you so much for the many years of Excellent care. You've always made us feel like family with your kindness and support. We are truely blessed! The Knudsen Family


Posted by: 1967ghia, 10/8/2008
The Best Doc. there is!!!! I wish I could have him for my doc. and I'm 29. When your in the office with him you never feel rushed and he takes time to answer all of your questions. I would have no other doc. for my kids.


Posted by: nickatnight, 10/7/2008
I can't say enough for what Dr Lindgren has done for my daughters and for our family as a whole. When you go to the dictionary to to look up the word Doctor it say's see Dr Lindgren. My daughters are 18 and 16 and we will keep going to him untill he tells us otherwise. P.S. I hope that day never comes.



Posted by: Danielle14, 10/7/2008
Dr. Lindgren has been our Pediatriatian for over 13 years. He's great with the kids, and has allways cared about the needs of his patients, and their families. I can't imagine anyone else caring for my childrens health.


Posted by: Bethnkam2, 10/7/2008
Dr. Lindgren is amazing! I love him and so do my kids. He is kind, considerate, and just an all arounf good guy!!!


Posted by: oscers3, 10/7/2008
Dr. Lindgren has been our pediatrician for 13 years. I have 3 boys and they all have had unique illnesses, conditions, etc. over the years. Dr. Lindgren has never once made me feel like I was an "overbearing" or "over exaggerated" mom. He will simply tell you that as a mom, you are more in tune with your child than anyone and that if you feel there is something wrong, there probably is. After all, we are the ones who spend the most time with our kids and see what might be considered unusual for them, whether it is as simple as a runny nose that won't go away or not sleeping well because their tonsils are too big. He believes in preventative care and not just handing out prescriptions like candy. It is comforting to know that whenever there is a problem of any sort, you will be heard and not just passed on through like a number on an assembly line.


Posted by: stinawildman, 10/7/2008
When I became pregnant with my oldest daughter I immediately knew I wanted Dr. Lindgren to be her pediatrician. We first worked together on clinical trials about ten years ago and then about 4 years ago is when I became pregnant and I called him to see if he was still taking new patients.


He called me back and left me his cell number and direct line to call him back to talk to me. This is why I love him so much and think he is the greatest! He really likes to talk one on one with the parents and both my daughters love him.

His office and nursing staff are all so friendly and make my girls feel so comfortable. Their hours of operation is wonderful! I appreciate all that they do so much. He truly is the perfect pediatrician any parent could ask for. Just last week he even convinced my husband the importance of getting the flu shot and my husband got it (well the FluMist) and he has never gotten one before in his life.


Posted by: KristenBailey, 10/7/2008
I've been taking my daughter to his office since her birth in aug. 2008
and we have bee very happy with Dr. Lindgren and his staff who are wonderfull!


Posted by: tjstiggr, 10/7/2008
He is the best doctor I have ever taken my son to in 15yrs! Thank you Dr. Lindgren for all your dedication.


Posted by: viperdrs, 10/7/2008
Dr. Lindgren has been my families pediatric physician for over 15 years. Through all coughs, colds, sports injuries, and genetic birth defects, I have never felt like I got bad information from him. I wish I could say that about other M.D's

The kids love him, he remembers the parents and children and provides a personal touch to each patient, as well as remembering that in pediatric medicine, sometimes the most important medicine of all is informing the parents.


Posted by: watilofam, 10/7/2008
Dr. Lindgren has been caring for our children for the past 11 years. In addition to providing excellent care and support when our kids have medical needs, there is another moment that we will always remember as well. After the birth of our 3rd child, our first daughter, it was Dr. Lindgren's day out of the office but he came to the hospital to visit us and the baby anyway. Before he left, he took several photos of our new little girl. About an hour later, here he came back to see us again, with several custom framed prints he had created on his computer for us of the photos he had taken - all this on his day off!! Thank you, Dr. Lindgren, for all you have done for our family over the years. You are definitely "the best of the best"!


Posted by: anderson5, 10/6/2008
Dr. Lindgren came into our lives 6 years ago with the birth of our first son and quickly became a part of the family. This man is a jewel...unique and rare. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty for our family. From calling us from his home on a weekend because he knew I had a sick babe, was thinking of us, and just wanted to see how things were going to continuing to treat my boys for a time as I struggled with my medical insturance. All of this simply because he genuinly cares about us. His dedication to personal attention and his obvious love for his familes set him apart. He is truly a breath of fresh air.


Posted by: cinjay14, 10/6/2008
You are just the " BEST " Thank - YOU for all that you do for are children


Posted by: pughugger10, 10/6/2008
He is the best Pediatrician in Washington!


Posted by: kristinakli, 10/6/2008
He goes above and beyond the call! We have a daughter he visited the day she was born. We have twins ons. One has a complicated heart condition. From the beginning Carl coordinated with our son's large team of providers, researched our questions and would proactively call us with direction and inquiries. Kind, thoughtful, thorough, reliable and enjoyable. He is a gift for our family.


Posted by: carynkennemore, 10/6/2008
Dr. Lindgren is an outstanding pediatric doctor. He has been "our" pediatrician for more than twelve years. Any time we have looked at changing our health insurance we make sure we can stick with him. His office staff are amazing, his ideas our proactive. He quickly picks up on the "big stuff" (our daughter has had cancer two times) and he helps bring us down to earth when we're "sweating the small stuff." He's straight forward and direct about things we need to work on for our children to have a "healthy future" and he's also very personal and comfortable to be around, my children look forward to visiting with him. He's a keeper.


Posted by: theonlinesaint, 10/6/2008
Dr. Lindgren is truly an amazing Doctor! Dr. Lindgren is the “Best” of the very best! Dedicated, caring and truly on top of current medical information, makes Dr. Lindgren our choice for Best Doctor! We thank you Dr. Lindgren, Michael, Kalen, Julie and John Loncar.


Posted by: ivynluna, 10/6/2008
True love for children and families. Great sense of humor and knowledge around so many areas of medician. Open to my families unique descisions.


Posted by: loopyeater, 10/6/2008
The best pediatrician, has been my children's doctor since they were born and they are 14 and 12. Very upfront and up on new treatment and technology. No better doctor around.


Posted by: eliasfamily, 10/6/2008
My seven year son is standing next to me saying, "Dr. Lindgren is the best and he is awesome." That should say it all.


Posted by: mransom, 10/6/2008
Incredibly smart--loves technology--the best pediatrician ever!


Posted by: francescamurdock2005, 10/6/2008
Always takes the time to talk about concerns and preventative care.


Posted by: tinabroumley, 10/6/2008
Dr Lindgren office is very easy to get into when you have a sick child. He listen to all the symtoms and gives great advise. Dr Lindgren is very caring and honestly cares about the children he looks after.
Thank you for being a great Doctor


Posted by: mcbubrooks, 10/6/2008
Dr. Lindgren has been a wonderful pediatrician. I love that he he stops and really listens to you. You never feel rushed through and appointment and he has outstanding skills. I have had sickly children and he has been with me through it all. His telephone calls after hours to check on the kids really makes you feel cared for. He is the best pediatrician in the Olympia area!


Posted by: Melanie8, 10/6/2008
Dr. Lindgren is hands-down the best pediatrician in Western Washington. He remembers all the children and even takes their pictures at every check-up to document their growth and change. He is caring and his staff is efficient and supportive! Way to go, Dr. L!


Posted by: heidi18, 10/6/2008
Dr. Lindgren is an amazing, committed, and caring doctor. He has been our pediatrcian for 12 yrs. We have four children he has cared for, which I cannot even begin to go thru the events we have gone thru with him and his AMAZING office team. He continues to educate his staff and patients without holding back to give the best care to all his patients. You feel the dedication and the authentism when you bring your kids into healthy future peds. No matter the hour or day, we have a doctor that is committed to the care of everyone of his patients. He doesnt hesitate to go above and beyond to diagnoise, treat, and prevent care for ALL his patients. All I have to say is Watch out to all the other doctors in Western Washington- we have a winner!! Thank you HFP for all your committment and love to the koster family! you guys are truely the BEST!


Posted by: harderbk, 10/6/2008
Great doctor, great office, great hours!!


Posted by: sckje0598, 10/6/2008
Dr. Lindgren is an absolute angel! I have known him since before we started taking our kids to him. I knew then if we ever had kids he would be their doctor, no questions asked. When our kids are sick he takes good care of them. If we have concerns he listens. He always takes care of our children as if they were his own. I trust him so much that when family comes to visit and their kids get sick we take them to see Dr. Lindgren. What makes it even better is his staff is just as caring as he is. Thank you, the Schibel Family


Posted by: Kent2, 10/6/2008
I have known Dr Lindgren for many years, even before having children, and knew right away that he was the pediatrician for our family. He has surrounded himself with great people in his office and he genuinely cares about the kids he sees and their families. Not many around like him anymore.


Posted by: mhreavis, 10/6/2008
What a great Dr., My kids love going to their appointments. he takes his time with his paitents and really gets to know them and their families...


Posted by: stamey, 10/6/2008
Awesome Dr.!! The patients love him and so do the parents!!


Posted by: eloise360, 10/6/2008
Dr. Lindgren has always been available when we need him. I thInk thats makes for an outstanding doctor! Virginia Damron


Posted by: boyfactory4, 10/6/2008
My kids actually look forward to visiting the doctor he's so great and his staff is always friendly and helpful!


Posted by: tnsl, 10/6/2008
A superb doctor with fantastic people skills. Harder to find than you might think. We love Dr. Lindgren. Both my boys were preemies, and he has been there since the beginning to guide us on our way.


Posted by: mmccor60, 10/6/2008
Awesome!!! The best.


Posted by: linda51, 10/6/2008
Truly is a great do, prevention is his montra. He has achieved his goal of a family friendly place. As a part of his staff, I have to say that we know and love our patients. We h ave pictures of them in our EMR so that when the parents call we have a face to go with the name. We cannot wait to get into our new clinc so we can serve more children.


Posted by: JulieMitchMayson2, 10/6/2008
My boys have been with Dr. Lindgren for almost 14 years and he has been the most amazing doctor for them. His staff is always friendly and we are always happy to see them when we come in. They are very prompt, and the wait time is minimal. I was referred to Dr. Lingren by my OB Doc and have since referred him to every pregnant woman I know! Bringing my boys to Dr. Lingren has been one of the best decisions as a mom I could have made!


Posted by: cmriley, 10/6/2008
After a number of disappointing meet 'n' greets with other pediatricians, Dr. Lindgren was the clear choice. In addition to his warm and friendly bedside manner, Dr. Lindgren is a leader in using technology, offering "real world" hours for busy parents, and keeping up to date on the latest medical research. He also doesn't waste time or mess around with special cases; he is quick to refer to other experts in the field and goes straight to the best. I give Dr.Lindgren and his office my highest recommendation!


Posted by: kellym33, 10/6/2008
Dr. Lindgren is above the rest! We drive 40 min. to see him. At times with sick children it seems too far, but then when we get there I am glad we are in his care. Our daughter was very ill with rotovirus he was there with us every stepof the way. He phoned us each evening for 5 days to check on her progress. She was HFP first IV patient at age 2 1/2 years old. He goes over the top for his patients and their families. He more than deserves this award! The Alexander Family


Posted by: SNABowen, 10/6/2008
Dr. Lindgren is an exceptional pediatrician. I am very confident that my children have the best of care when they are seen by him & his associates. He is warm, sincere, friendly & always makes the kids smile. He talks to them like adults & the kids really seem to appreciate that. The moment that sticks out the most in my mind is when my son was only a few months old. He had a good case of RSV & I was so scared...he was so little. Dr. Lindgren took very good care of him & relieved our fears. Dr. Lindgren called us later in the evening - on Christmas Eve - to check in & see how he was doing. That meant A LOT to us. It's obvious that he truly cares about his patients. He's the best!!! He should definately win this award because he deserves it! Thank you Dr. L!!! The Bowen Family


Posted by: KristieT, 10/6/2008
Dr Lindgren is the most sincere doctor I have ever encountered. He truly cares about his patience and takes the time to listen to them. If only he was also an adult doctor!!


Posted by: Skip, 10/6/2008
After meet -and-greets with many doctors, it was an easy decision to take my newborn to Dr. Lindgren. His philosophy and manner are great for both children and parents


Posted by: tsrandich123, 10/6/2008
Dr. Lindgren has taken care of our girls from the day they were born. We were some of his very first patients in this area. Even after we moved away, we still make the drive to have him care for our kids. They just don't come better than Dr. Lindgren. He is a great choice for this award! Our whole family is thankful for him and the care he has provided. Congratulations Dr. Lindgren!
The Randich Family!

Posted by: Charrie, 10/6/2008
Not only is Dr. Lindgren a great doctor, but he has the staff to back him up. I have never been more pleased to take my children to see their pediatrician as well as giggle a little with the office staff and nurses. I have given them my whole heart in the way of my children and they have treasured it as well. We love Dr. Tammy, (as my kids call her), too!!!!!
~The LaFarr Family


Posted by: gabrielvw, 10/6/2008
We are so blessed to have found a Dr who cares so much for our kid and for us as new parents!!! We may even be moving about an hour north of here and plan to make the commute to keep Dr Lindgren!


Posted by: bigricks05, 10/6/2008
Dr. Lindgren has been my kids doctor for the past several years and I think he's wonderful!! Not only is he great with my kids, but with moms as well. He really works with parents as the experts on their children. Now that we live in Tacoma we still make the trek down to Olympia to see him. It's so worth it when you find a real gem of a physican!!


Posted by: kathy001, 10/6/2008
When I first brought my daughter to Dr. Lindgren, we were living in Nevada. We were up visiting family for Christmas and my 9 month old daughter was very sick. While sitting in the Emergency room, I called Dr. Lindgren's office and he said we could come right over. He took great care of her and called us at home the next day to see how she was doing. We have since relocated to Washington and he continues to be my daughter's guardian angel. No one is more dedicated. No one works harder to keep our kids healthy.


Posted by: steve29, 10/6/2008
Dr. Lindren has been the only doctor our kids have seen since they were babies. For the last 10yrs, he's always given his advice for care as if he were treating his own children. We trust him explicitly with the care of our children and have referred our friends to him as well. Even before we knew he was nominated, our family considered Dr. Lindgren as "The Best Doctor of Western Washington"!


Posted by: jimyj, 10/5/2008
He is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by: olymamma, 10/5/2008
I was encouraged to see Dr. Lindgren by my sister in law, and very quickly felt comfortable with him, he is excellent, and is never quick to medicate, even though as a mom I say "Give him the drugs!" Dr. Lindgren is very intuative on waiting it out and usually our little sniffles dissapear without the needs of antibiotics. Sometimes I think other pediatricains are quick to the draw so I appreciate Dr. Lindgrens conservativness in this area! PS: He reminds me of Billy Crystal and Is funny too!


Posted by: tdhmar, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren is an awesome doctor and he always makes my daughter feel very comfortable and relaxed about visiting the doctor.


Posted by: barthule, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren goes out of his way to meet the needs of all his patients and their families. He continues to pave the way with new ideas and technology which enables him to care for his patients in an efficient and compassionate way. Thank you for everything you have done for my children as well as the children in our community.


Posted by: Meganleiann, 10/5/2008
As a new mom I couldn't be more thrilled to have Dr. Lindgren as my son's pediatrician. He doesn't just stop at being a great doctor; he supports preventative care; he hires a great staff; he uses up-to-date technology and he is building an ecologically friendly office. My favorite thing about Dr. Lindgren though is that he treats appointments almost like team meetings. He brings his medical knowledge to the meeting, I bring my knowledge of my son and we find solutions. I have never met a physician who truly conveys a respect of the parental role.


Posted by: Gayle52, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren has been our children's pediatrician for 18 years. Now he is also our grandson's doctor. We think he is the best !


Posted by: Cinde, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren is wonderful! Before we brought our two sons home from Ethiopia we were searching for a pediatrician and he was highly recommended. He met with us before we went to pick up our boys and talked with us about what information would be useful to get if available from the orphanage. He put us at ease with his knowledge about tropical diseases, parasites and potential effects of malnutrition. His willingness to work with us and other doctors regarding any issues associated with our boys' health and development have forever endeared him to us.


Posted by: David40, 10/5/2008
We love Dr. Lindgren! David and Lisa Johnson


Posted by: TwoBrilliantHealthyChildr, 10/5/2008
We interviewed several doctors before our first son was born over five years ago. Dr.Lindgren was the best fit for us, hands down. He really took the time to answer ALL (and there were a lot) of our questions. We felt that he had a genuine interest in our son's wellbeing. At the hospital, he took a photo of our little boy because he cared enough to want to track the growth and changes in our special one. Now five years and two kids later, Dr.Lindgren continues to take the time to answer any question and still takes photos of our brilliant, healthy children to see their changes. He has always made us feel empowered with the knowledge he shares, so that we can make informed decisions about our children's healthcare. He is the BEST doctor in the entire state of Washington!


Posted by: jenyjeny, 10/5/2008
I could talk all day and still not say enough good things about Dr. Lindgren and his staff. As a first time mom they always took the time to listen and address my questions and concerns no matter how ridiculous they were or how many times I called. I love the fact that I am treated as a partner in my children's healthcare, someone whose thoughts and opinions have merit and are worth listening to and discussing. I know it is a very busy practice but I never feel rushed--regardless of whether we have had the appointment for weeks or are being "worked in" to the day's schedule. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Lindgren, Tami and the rest of the staff!!! --The Arthur Family


Posted by: karij2903, 10/5/2008
He is awesome!! I would recommend him to anyone.


Posted by: pomdogfan, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren has been our pediatrian for 15 years, as long as my youngest son has been here. He is one of the most personable, yet thorough doctors I have ever had. He's great with kids and great with teenagers too! My daughter is legendary with his office when it comes to avoiding shots, and his staff is wonderful in helping her through that process. I would highly reccomend him for this award as he is so forward thinking in his approach to medicine, having everything on laptops and being able to capture our information electronically. That is a big step up for doctors and and patients. A great, fun and GOOD doctor.


Posted by: marcimunch1qcom, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren has been our pediatrician for over 15 years. He is the best doctor that any family could ask for. When my second daughter was born, he diagnosed her with a growing disorder and he has been with us every step of the way, from the scary moments to the good news moments. He has a compasion for what he does and it shows every time you walk into the office that he loves what he is doing. The staff in his office loves what they are doing as well. This nomination is very well deserved. Dr. Lindgren is very well loved by our family.
The Shaw and Javonillo Family


Posted by: oly333, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren has always been our familys doctor.Now that I have kids of my own he's the Only practice in olympia that I trust to take my kid's to. He's has done a wonderful service to the families and kids of olympia.


Posted by: Laurie10, 10/5/2008
I am also a doctor in Olympia, and have had the chance to work with Dr. Lindgren for many years. Both from my perspective as a physician as well as a parent, Dr. Lindgren is very worthy of being vote the best of Western Washington!. He has a passion to make the world a better place, sometimes just one child at a time through fostering their good health.


Posted by: Crystal6, 10/5/2008
Both of my kids go to Dr. Lindgren. I love how his office is never "too busy" to answer the littlest, and simplest question.


Posted by: Michelle53, 10/5/2008
Wonderful office


Posted by: tenderheartvixen, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren is the best pediatrician I have had the honor of knowing and treating my son. I just have one son right now but I definitely plan on bringing our future children to his clinic. I drive the 30 minutes to the office in Olympia from Tacoma because I really value his opinions on health care for our family. He has a big heart and definitely lends a helping hand when you really need it most!


Posted by: Andrea17, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren has been treating our children for 10 years. He has been right on with his care and concern for our kids. I recommend them to everyone I know!


Posted by: Melissa28, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren & his staff are provide excellent care for our daughter. He is extremely throrough & gives great education & resources. We feel like our baby is in the best hands possible being at Healthy Futures Pediatrics.
-The Jasperson Family


Posted by: Angela7, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren is the best pediatric doctor I know. I trust him with my children and I never question what he has to say. Thanks for being such a great doctor.


Posted by: pipe4655, 10/5/2008
I have been so amazed with not only Dr. Lindgren but his staff as well! They have always been fabulous about getting my kids in when they need to be seen and when we get to the office every one has a smile on their face! Most importantly when my kids have been sick or worse had to go to the hospital I have always received a call from either Dr. Lindgren or his ARNP's to check up on my kids making sure they are ok. I am so proud to say that we are a part of Healthy Future Pediatric patients!
The Leslie Family


Posted by: lannettering, 10/5/2008
I have 4 children and Dr. Lindgren has been our family pediatrician since 1999! He is amazing. He really cares about all of his patients and I have recommended him to several of my friends! He is nothing but the BEST!


Posted by: rubymadrid, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren has been our daughters' doctor since they were born -- 1995 and 1997. He is kind, caring and very compassionate. He educates us as well as treating our illnesses. He relates very well with children. He is an excellent communicator. We have even been through a sudden illness that required hospitalization and he was quick to diagnose and treat to a speedy recovery. We recommend him very highly to anyone looking for a pediatrician.


Posted by: thea4, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren has been our pediatrician for 13 years. He is very thorough, objective, and never an alarmist. It is obvious he is doing the work that he was meant to do, as is seen in his level of care and the compassion, humanity and humor he shares no matter how busy his schedule is. His practice is geared toward using current technology to maximize efficiency and to have staff available during "off hours" to help working parents. Most importantly, the kids like and respect him!


Posted by: tchandos, 10/5/2008
We have 5 kids ranging in age from 2 to 20 and we have been seeing Dr Carl Lindgren for about 16 years now. We love him! Our older boys were bummed when they had to start seeing an 'adult' doctor. Can't wait to see the brand new office away from Lilly Road! :)


Posted by: tennismomof2, 10/5/2008
I have taken my boys to Dr. Lindgren since 1993! He is an excellent Doctor and really cares about his patients. His preventive approach is appreciated!


Posted by: msolygirl, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren is a true blessing to all of the families that have children under his care. I couldn't have asked for a better pediatrician for my son and daughter. He has a true passion for what he does and is constantly improving upon his already outstanding practice. Everyone that knows him would agree that he is highly deserving of this nomination. He is a wonderful asset to our community!


Posted by: Greatfulmom, 10/5/2008
Doctor Lindgren was so helpful when I was a new mom and continues to be now that I'm an "old pro" with a happy healthy 15 year old.


Posted by: Colbsterman, 10/5/2008
With two children ages 7 and 9 there is not a better person or Doctor that I can send my children to. Dr. Lindgren and his staff are the best it gets!!
Dave Buell Olympia, WA


Posted by: olygurl98502, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lingren and his staff provide the best holistic preventative healthcare! Absolutely the best! They are constantly striving to better the care that they are providing!


Posted by: Andrea16, 10/5/2008
Very wonderful and deserves the award.


Posted by: cknbb, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren does not hesitate to educate parents in healthy child-caring. Taking his time during appointments, he makes sure that all necessary information pertaining a child's development is provided and no detail left out. He is passionate about his work and has even taken time away from his weekends to chat with us over the phone about issues. We value his opinion greatly and we trust him very much. His staff is very nice as well, and we look forward to the new office!


Posted by: 2jamesboys, 10/5/2008
A first class pediatrician, with a big heart.


Posted by: halu1211, 10/5/2008
We have been with Dr. Lindgren for 8 years. He and his staff are AMAZING! From the 1st time we met him, he has always impressed us with his preventative medicine...through education and understanding of our children's health. My children absolutely love "going to the doctor" to see him! They cannot wait for the new office to be completed. They call it "our" office. We are very blessed to be a part of Dr. Lindgren's family of patients!


Posted by: theproms, 10/5/2008
I have 2 children that have been coming to see Dr.Lindgren for almost 6 years now and I am VERY pleased with his service and care for my children. He's always striving for better for himself and his office. LOVE his office and his professionality.


Posted by: olylew, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren and his staff are very caring and supportive. We love the extended office hours!


Posted by: emharvill, 10/5/2008
We have been with Dr. Lindgren for 5 years. We even followed him when he left a practice to start his own. He is focused on preventative care and has top of the line technology to assist him and his staff. We could not be happier or more confident. He gives top of the line care to our children.


Posted by: meadowsgrove, 10/5/2008
I have to agree with everyone Dr Lindgren and staff are amazing! My kids have only been seeing him for about 3 years but we couldnt ask for a better dr. We actually moved up to Issaquah, which is an hour and a half drive and I still take my little guy back to see him each year for his check up. :) ( on saturdays! woo!) I only wish he was closer!


Posted by: dmurray275, 10/5/2008
I interviewed 5 other Doctors when I found out I was pregnant for the first time. Dr Lindgren was the only one that seemed "real" and treated me with the utmost respect. Almost 6 years later with 2 kids I still receive the same treatment. I have recommended him to friends and family and everyone that switched to his office feels the same as I do. He is one in a million! Desiree Murray


Posted by: garrla, 10/5/2008
Love Dr.Lindgren!


Posted by: luv9, 10/5/2008
We found him by "fluke" and couldn't have done better if we had gone searching. Our boys do great with him and as foster parents we were being treated poorly by other clinics because of DSHS coupons. Dr. Lindgren started taking them and has office hours from 7:30 am to after 6, plus Saturdays. He listens to what his patients need and responds. The icing on the cake; his staff is great too!


Posted by: Karin6, 10/5/2008
Dr Lindgren and his staff are the best! He should teach other medical professionals how to run their offices. Efficient, cutting edge, caring and personable. Here is just one example of many that I can share: I called in one morning to leave a voice mail for Dr Lindgren regarding a non urgent issue with my toddler. I hadn't even finished leaving my message and my phone was beeping that there was another call on the line. Guess who? It was Dr Lindgren. Absolutely amazing!!!!


Posted by: a2kmcsd, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren has seen my son through various average childhood health issues, as well as a not-so-average brain tumor. Through it all, he has provided compassionate, expert care. My son and I have nothing but the greatest trust and esteem for him and his staff.


Posted by: barnett76, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren is progressive, caring and knowledgeable. I feel absolutely privileged to take my children to his office.


Posted by: Laura39, 10/5/2008
Our family has been with Carl for more than 15 years!! All three of my children have gone to him until they "graduated" to an adult doctor! Our last child will also be moving on soon and we will miss the fabulous care that he has provided! He's always listened and gave the best care to each of my children! Maybe our grandchildren will be his patients one day!


Posted by: Susan44, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren is fantastic. They have walk in hours in the morning and are open on Saturdays. Plus, if you call the office, you speak to a real person even on the weekends and evenings. We always feel so welcome and he really cares about the kids and parents as well.


Posted by: debbarnett, 10/5/2008
Dr. Lindgren is an awesome pediatric doctor! He's been my kids Dr. since they were born (they're now almost 15 and 12). He's very caring, thorough, and super approachable to kids of all ages!


Posted by: rabenfamily, 10/5/2008
We've been with Dr. Lindgren for 14 years, and with a new baby, it will be at least 14 more. We couldn't be happier.


Posted by: ginabeana2008, 9/26/2008
You couldn't ask for a nicer or better doctor anywhere!


Posted by: Kim0, 9/23/2008
I work in the dental business and many of our patients are Dr. Lindgren's patients, too. They all just love him, and if I had children they would be patients of Dr. Lindgren's!!


Posted by: Bonnij, 9/23/2008
Dr. Lindgren is amazing! He has so much passion for what he does and it shows! His patients just adore him!


Posted by: S2, 9/19/2008
Dr. Lindgren is THE best doctor. He is truly dedicated to the overall health of a child and not just treating illness.