Newborn and Infant Checkups

Once your child has been released from the hospital, Healthy Future begins care. Unless otherwise directed by the doctor who sees your baby in the hospital after birth, we generally see newborns two days after you leave the hospital. When you are told what your day of discharged will be just give our office a call so we can set up an appointment. If special arrangements such as rechecks of weight for feeding issues or an exam for jaundice the next day we are needed, we are happy to help.

To help save time when you arrive our office has convenient online registration. Our goal is to cover all the questions that so often arise. From breast feeding, to immunizations and circumcisions we work to get you off to the best possible start.

For those who are still expecting we invite you to come for a prenatal visit where we can discuss our services and tour our office.

For Washington’s suggested vaccination schedule for children from birth, see vaccinations.

Getting started as a parent can be stressful and difficult. Visits during the first month help us make sure your baby is progressing normally and allow parents to ask all the questions that come up now that the baby is here.

A typical newborn visit may include:

  • Newborn physical exam
  • Measurements of Head Circumference
  • Weight and Length
  • Hearing screening (if not done in the hospital),
  • Vaccination (if not already done in the hospital),
  • Screening blood tests.
  • Other assessments

A typical infant check up schedule: