Vaccinations for Children

At Healthy Future we strongly believe that the harm from a vaccine preventable illness is much worse than any side effects the vaccines may have. Dr. Lindgren is happy to discuss this with any parents with a concern about vaccinations. Please also check out this article from

Newborns to Young Children:
Washington's suggested vaccination schedule for children from birth to age six and a catch-up schedule can be found here.

Student Vaccinations:
Washington's immunization schedule for school-aged children can be found here.

Vaccinations for Parents
Parents who are fully vaccinated protect their children, especially newborns and young infants, by being less able to transmit diseases. This is called the cocoon effect. To help busy parents get vaccinated conveniently Healthy Future Pediatrics offers some vaccinations to parents. Please ask us for details.

Routine / Recommended Vaccinations:
• Chickenpox
• Diphtheria
• Hib
• HepA
• HepB
• Human Papilloma Virus
• Influenza (the flu)
• Measles
• Meningococcal
• Mumps
• Pertussis (aka Whooping Cough)
• Polio
• Pneumococcal
• Rotavirus
• Rubella
• Tetanus